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On the Settings page, available only to Administrators, you can control global and system settings.


Primary SMTP and Secondary SMTP

The Primary SMTP is the SMTP server that should be used to send email for this installation of the ticket system.

The Secondary SMTP will be used only if the Primary SMTP is unavailable.

Site Title

The description to use in the Title page of MochaTicket.

Admin Email

Diagnostic reports will be sent to this address when selected or enabled.

Logo URL

Enter the URL of the logo to be displayed in the top of the left bar.

Attention Texts

Tickets with these words in the subject will be highlighted in the main queue. Enter words or phrases in a comma delimited format.

NOTE: Only applies to normal priority tickets.

Notification From Email Address

Enter an email address to use for system notifications. A system notification would be:

  1. Diagnostic Report
  2. Notification on Transfer
  3. Notification on Sticky Ticket reply

Ticket Preview

Enter the number of characters to use for the Ticket Preview from the main queue.

Days to Close Waiting Ticket

The system will auto close tickets marked Waiting after this number of days.

Days to Delete Closed Tickets

The system will auto delete tickets marked as Closed after this number of days.

Days to Permanently Purge Deleted Tickets

As a safe guard against accidentally deleting a ticket, you can specify a number of days for the system to auto Purge Deleted Tickets.

Days to Look Back for Related Emails

When on the View Ticket and Reply Ticket pages, the system will visually indicate of that email address has other tickets. You can click on that visual indication and see a list of the other tickets.

By entering a number of days in this field, you can control how many days back for the sytem to look for the related tickets.


  • Enabled - Check to enable Diagnostic Reports. The Diagnostic report will verify the Primary and Secondary SMTP are working. It will also test each Department to make sure tickets can be retrieved successfully. When run, the Diagnostic report sends and email to the Admin Email.
  • Run Diagnostics Now - self explanatory.
  • Send Summary Every X Days - Specify how often the Diagnostic should run.

Auto Suggest

API Based... Still in BETA - Not for production use

  • Enabled - Self explanatory
  • Minimum number of characters to include in search - Words smaller than this number will be excluded.
  • Maximum number of potential results to display - Use this to limit the number of results.
  • URL of External API
  • Exclude from search
  • Include in search - even if character count is smaller than minimum.

Top Email Ignore List - Reports

List email addresses to exclude from the Top Email report.

Custom Fields

  • Name is the description to display for the custom field.
  • Required - Check this option if you want this field Required on the Customer Submit Ticket page.

Public Links

In this section you can control the links (if you want any) in the left bar on the Customer Submit Ticket page.

On Reply Clear Tag

Enable this option to have the Tag field cleared on an Agent Reply.

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