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Manage Agents is a page available only to Administrators.

The first section of this screen is identical to the Edit Agent screen. The Administrator has additional settings per Agent listed below.


BCC Address

QA (Quality Assurance) email will be sent blindly to this address.

QA Percent

Select the percentage of tickets that you want to receive QA on. The options are 100% down to 10% in 10% increments. For example, for a new Agent you may want to receive 100% QA. For another agent, you may only want to receive a QA email 20% of the time. To receive no QA email for this agent, leave the BCC Address field blank.


Enable if this Agent is an Administrator.

Agent Transferable

Un-check this option if this Agent should NOT be listed in the list of Agents to be able to transfer tickets to.

NOTE: This Agent will still be listed to be able to transfer to for Admins.


Each Department will be listed with an option for the Agent to Participate in that Department. This means the Agent will see Active tickets in the Queue for the respective department.

Filter Global Queue

For each Department, this option allows the Agent to be excluded from seeing Active, Unassigned tickets in the main Queue. However, if the Agent Participates in a Department and has this option enabled, then the agent is still able to see a ticket that is transferred to the Agent in this Department.

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