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MochaTicket has numerous features including the common features founds in most ticketing systems. However, MochaTicket has several additional awesome features. Here are a few.



The Tag feature is used to allow an agent to tag a ticket with a short description. The tag is limited to 5 characters and is a display column in the queue.

Mass activity based on Tag. In the Advanced Search, you can search active tickets by Tag. You could then select all and delete, close, or even Reply. What a great way to reply to several tickets at once with the same content.

Transferred Ticket Notification

Ability to receive email notification when a ticket has been transferred to you. This is great for those that may not watch their personal queue all the time or want to be notified after hours of a transferred ticket.

Sticky Replies

A sticky reply is a reply that you want to come directly to you instead of being returned to the global queue on a customer reply. When you reply to a ticket, you have the option to make the ticket 'Sticky'.

Note: You can also have the system notify you via email when a Sticky Reply is received. The content of the reply is included in the email so that you can quickly know the customer's response.

Sticky Reply Notifications

As an Agent you can set an option to receive an email notification when you receive a reply to a Sticky Ticket. That reply will have a link you could click on to go directly to the ticket, or, you can handle the reply via email. See How to Handle Sticky Replies via Email.

How to Handle Sticky Replies via Email

This feature will most likely be used by an admin, manager, CEO, etc.

When a Stickly Reply notification is received, it will contain a [W] at the end of the Subject of the email. You can reply to the Customer via this email notification. When you reply, the email will go back to the department email address. MochaTicket will then see the [W] in the subject and will parse the email and will send your reply on to the Customer via MochaTicket. The Customer will never see your personal email address that actually sent the reply, as MochaTicket parses the reply. With the [W] flag that lets MochaTicket know to send your reply to the customer and mark the Ticket as Waiting.

Additionally, you could change the [W] in the Subject to [A] and it would handle the reply but keep the ticket open (Active) in your personal queue. Or you could change the [W] to [T] and MochaTicket will send your reply and Transfer the ticket to the global queue for that department.

Use Case [A]: Thanks for the information. I will research and follow up with you.

Use Case [T]: Thank you for the information. I will transfer this ticket to our Support Team so they can assist you.

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