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Edit Agent



This is only used internally.


The Email field will be used for a couple of purposes.

  1. Password Reset/Unlock (future enhancement)
  2. Notify On

Notify On Events

  1. Notify on Transfer. If this box is checked, when another Agent transfers a ticket to you, you will receive an email notification letting you know about the ticket.
  2. Notify on Sticky Responses. If this box is checked, if you made a ticket sticky when you replied, you will receive an email notification when the customer replies back.

Ticket View

Select between HTML and Text.

This is your default. However, you can change it on a per ticket basis.

Ticket In / Ticket Out

Select the default department that you want your Ticket In and Ticket Out settings to be.

Tickets per Page

Self explanatory.

Quick Button

Select the option that you will use frequently. The most common options are displayed by default. This Quick Button will be an option from the View Ticket and Ticket Reply screens. All of these options are still available in a Modify drop down. This just gives you quick access to your common task that isn't already displayed.

Prompt on Delete

Enable this option to be prompted when you choose to Delete a ticket.

My Recent

Enter a number of days to display your recent tickets for in the left side bar. Entering 0 will prevent this option from showing on the side bar. For example, if you enter 2 in this field, you will see a My Recent section in the left side bar that will include quick access to tickets you have handled in the page 2 days.

Recent Tickets

Enter a number of hours in this field to have quick access to tickets handled by any agent in the past number of hours.

Font Style

You can control which font style is used for the ticket dispaly.

Font Size

You can control the size of the font for viewing tickets.

Mobile Columns

For mobile devices, MochaTicket has been optimized for the iPad. For the iPad and other mobile devices you can control some of the columns to determine if they are displayed or not.


Self explanatory.

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